Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lou Skuce (1885-1951)

Lou Skuce (1886-1951) was another Canadian born cartoonist of the Platinum Age. He was an editorial cartoonist and art editor for the Toronto Sunday World. Lou moved to the U.S. and created a strip, "Cash and Carrie," for the Bell Syndicate in 1927 which ran until Sept. 17, 1927 and a short-lived strip, "Mary Ann Gay," for United Press Features in 1928. The end of 1928 he was back in Toronto working for the Toronto Mail and Empire and contributing to the Wartime Canadian comic books.

Cash and Carrie was similar to Tillie the Toiler and Dumb Dora, a soap opera adventure of two small town girls in New York.which was a continuity from its beginnings. It was undistinguished until the character of Mrs. Bott was introduced. She was one of those graphic horrors that gets stuck in your head, like Flat Top or Alice the Goon.

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