Thursday, October 20, 2011

Peard Sutherland (1902-1954)

Vancouver collector Peard Sutherland (see biography HERE) became a cartoonist at a young age. Most of the following were published when he was only 15. They appeared in the Canadian Courier, United Briefs, Toronto Globe, and Toronto Star Weekly. One cartoon appeared in American Boy. Thanks to Glinda and Rill Sutherland.

The Sutherland library contained a notable collection of English and French literature, philosophy, poetry, nature, mythology and art history. He had a notable collection of juvenile fiction featuring a complete set of the Oz books and Henty’s historical boys fiction. He had a special love of British story papers and annuals that were his passion as a boy.

Peard and Rill Sutherland

Rill and Glinda Sutherland