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Bell Features Comic Book Titles 1946-1951

Dime Comics No. 17
“By the end of the war (Cyril) Bell had bought a seventy-five foot long printing press with a seventy-five thousand dollar loan from the Industrial Development Bank and started reprinting old comic books with new covers for export to England. They were shipped a thousand at a time in old tea chests and the new covers were adapted to suit English tastes (Wow Comics, a title considered meaningless in the Midlands became Smasher Comics). He also began dealing with American comic-book publishers and broadened his line with coloring books, puzzle magazines, and a series of extremely tame love comics.”  

 ‘A fond portrait of those wild… Wartime Comics, A Maclean’s Flashback’ by Alexander Ross, Maclean’s Magazine, September 19, 1964.

 Bell Features Comic Books from the Canadian Patent Office Records

Comic-Crimes, August 26 1946

Smasher Comics, August 26 1946

Super Duper Comics, April 12, 1947

Movie Life Comic, Feb 14, 1951

Super Duper Comics, Feb 14, 1951

Frontier Marshall Comics, Feb 14, 1951

World’s Greatest Comics Feb 14, 1951

Cartoon Funnies, Feb 14, 1951

Ranger Trail Comics, Feb 14, 1951

Gallant Comics, Feb 14, 1951

Hi Comics, Feb 14, 1951

Starlight Romances, Feb 14, 1951

Animal Toons, Feb 14, 1951

Campus Comics, Feb 14, 1951

Valiant Comics, February 27, 1951

Firefighter Comics, February 27, 1951

Rescue Squad Comics, February 27, 1951

Sky Hawk Comics, February 27, 1951

Animal ‘Ventures, February 27, 1951

Corral Comics, February 27, 1951

Amazing Animals, February 27, 1951

Comic Toons, May 8 1951

Spy Secrets, May 8 1951

Moonlight Romances, May 8 1951

Secret Agent, May 8 1951

Love Confidences, May 8 1951

Spring Romance Comics, May 8 1951

Circus of Fun, May 22, 1951

Kiddie Caper Comic, May 22, 1951

Terrific Adventure Comics, May 22, 1951

Parade of the Stars, May 22, 1951

Boots and Saddles, Comics May 22, 1951

Teen Toons, May 22, 1951

Movie Comics, June 8, 1951

Teen ‘Ventures, June 8, 1951

Wonderful Adventures, June 8, 1951

Crack Adventures, June 8, 1951

Amazing Spy Adventures, June 8, 1951

Tribal Warrior, June 8, 1951

Asia Comics, November 27, 1951

Surprising Adventures, November 27, 1951

Western Cowboys and Outlaws, November 27, 1951

Sherriffs VS Outlaws, November 27, 1951

Western Adventure Thrillers, November 27, 1951

All Great Comics, November 28, 1951

All Top Comics, November 28, 1951

Jungle Drums, November 28, 1951

Broncho Busters, November 28, 1951

Amazing Western Adventures, November 28, 1951


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The Cartoonmen of Canada

Maclean’s Magazine, Vol. XXVII, No. 5, March 1914, pp.43-46.




*Thanks to Jim Brigham!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

French Canadian Newspapers

Useful information and sample galleries of French Canadian newspapers carrying comics HERE and specifics on Le Samedi (familiar to Punch in Canada readers) HERE. Thanks to AndrĂ© Fournier.

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Nothing But The Truth

Evening Telegram Thurs. Aug. 8 1929
Nearly everyone knows Hy Moyer, the originator of the illustrated cartoons, "Nothing but the Truth." Hy Moyer is now being teamed with Joe Carr in a series of programmes scheduled for 10.30 Saturday night, or immediately following the end of the hockey broadcast. Known as the "Cartoon of the Air" the Moyer-Carr combination presents some very original oddities in the news. It's one of those programmes quite different from the ordinary run of entertainment. CFRB, TorontoFlesherton Advance, Nov. 1941

Harry B. Moyer's Nothing But The Truth was a popular front page cartoon in the Toronto Telegram in the late twenties and thirties. Hy Moyer drew comic pages for Bell Features of Toronto in the forties doing various humour cartoon pages like Dibs & Dabs in Active Comics and the stereotypical Java Bean in Super-Duper Comics #3 (featuring the last appearance of Adrian Dingle's Nelvana of the Northern Lights). Below are two of Moyers Canadian postcards. A 1915  article by Moyer entitled Art and the Newspaper can be read HERE. 

*Tip of the hat to J. Brigham