Wednesday, May 28, 2008

E.R. “Ted” McCall (1901-1975)

Hall of Famer Ted McCall created the first North American comic strip dealing with the mounties, Men of the Mounted, on February 13, 1933. King of the Royal Mounted from King Features Syndicate did not begin until Sunday, February 17, 1935.

Men of the Mounted E.R. "Ted" McCall (w) Toronto Telegram
February 13, 1933 to February 16, 1935
Harry S. Hall (a)

Robin Hood & Company E.R. "Ted" McCall (w) Toronto Telegram
September 23, 1935 to December 16, 1939
Charles R. Snelgrove (a) September 23, 1935 to November 11, 1939
Harry S. Hall November 24, 1939 to December 16, 1939

Ontario comic historian Kenneth S. Barker wrote an informative article for Inks magazine titled Men of the Mounted in 1997 and kindly provided the above information on the Men of the Mounted and Robin Hood strips. Below is the first Robin Hood strip from Sept 23 1935.

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