Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bert Bushell

Bert Bushell is another comic artist about who little is known. He worked for Maple Leaf Comics in Vancouver B.C. during the war years on Callahan the Detective, Adam & Eve, Dr. Evil and The Black Wing. Maple Leaf’s titles were Better Comics, Bing Bang Comics, Lucky Comics and Rocket Comics. Maple Leaf’s address was 849 Homer Street. Other artists employed by the company were Ernie Walker, Ley Fortune (probably Shirley Fortune, a student of West Coast artist Jack Shadbolt), Jon St. Ables, Bus Griffiths, V. Pearson, and Vernon Miller, artist on Iron Man, the first Canadian superhero.

Below are a series of illustrations drawn by Bert Bushell for Robert E. Swanson’s 1943 book Rhymes of a Lumberjack; a second book of verse concerning the trials and tribulations, lives and ways of the loggers living and working in the Great Northwest of America Toronto, T. Allen, 1943.

This Callahan the Detective story from Rocket Comics (1943) is available in pdf HERE. It's the first story in the comic book.

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