Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ben Batsford (1892-1977)

Ben Batsford was born in Minneapolis, Minnessota on June 5, 1892. He was staff editorial cartoonist on the Winnipeg Free Press for many years and went to France with the Canadian Army. He drew a comic strip called variously Unk and Billy or Billy’s Uncle from 1921-1926. Unk and Billy appeared in many newspapers across Canada. Other strips Batsford worked on were Doings of the Duffs, the Doodle Family, and a short stint on Little Annie Rooney. In 1939 he was living in Garden city, N.Y. and working on Edgar Bergen’s Mortimer & Charlie strip. The editorial cartoon at top from the Winnipeg Free Press is from 1919.

September 6, 1921 Winnipeg Free Press

September 8, 1921 Winnipeg Free Press

St. John's Evening Telegram Jan 2, 1924

March 9, 1925 Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

May 8, 1940 Winnipeg Free Press

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