Sunday, June 22, 2014

Robin des Bois

Robin Hood and Company was begun in the Toronto Telegram on September 23, 1935 and carried on until December 16, 1939. The author and copyright-holder was Edwin R. “Ted” McCall (1901-1975) who had previously created Men of the Mounted, (February 13, 1933-February 16, 1935,) the first comic strip ever to feature Mountie heroes. The illustrator was Charles R. Snelgrove, a Toronto Telegram staff artist who illustrated newspaper serials. 

Robin Hood and Company was serialized in the French journal L’Aventureux as Robin des Bois, beginning with No. 31 on August 7, 1937. These were colored reprints of the black and white Robin Hood & Company dailies by Snelgrove. The last appeared in L’Aventureux dated March 8, 1943 and was attributed to Charles Morel.

August 7, 1937
August 28, 1937
November 6, 1937
December 4, 1937
January 15, 1938
August 10, 1941 par Charles Morel
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