Monday, November 10, 2008

Raoul Barré (1874 -1932)

Raoul Barré 1874-1932 painter, illustrator, newspaper artist, animator. Top 24 June 1901 from En Roulant Ma Boule Album. In that collection each drawing appears on a separate page and I have pasted them together much as they would have appeared in the newspaper.

Title: Tale of a savage

The panels say the following:

1. Mr. Sauvageau, well immersed in the role of the character he must represent in the pageant's procession, explains to Mrs. Sauvageau the different terrible poses which will drive the crowd wild.--First, I discover, in the distance, my enemy approaching.

2. -- I unbury the war-ax

3. -- Then I make the frightful cry (Hou! hou! hou!)

4. -- Armed to the teeth, eyes squinting and jaw flushed with blood, I crawl as prudently as a snake.

5. -- Suddenly, I prepare to leap...

6. -- ! ! ! ! ! !

7. -- I think it's poisoned.

8. -- Pretty smart what you've gone and done there, stupid child!

9. Little Paul. -- I reckoned youse was 'nother savage come to beat up mom.

*Translated by Dr. Georges T. Dodds

*In search of Raoul Barré by André Martin
Montreal : Cinématique québécoise, 1976

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