Monday, August 4, 2008

Prince Vollant by Poissant

A long comix story by Poissant in the style of the Last Gasp cartoonists, Greg Irons, Rich Corben and Jack Jaxon from Mainmise. I don't know for certain but I believe this was Yves Poissant who wrote and illustrated a biographical comic book about French-Canadian strong man Louis Cyr in 1978. As a long time Foster fan this striking comic came as a pleasant surprise.

For the most part Hal Foster avoided close-ups of violence. His usual method in his panels was to freeze violent scenes the moment before or the moment after the action took place.


ypoissant said...

Wow! A friend on mine pointed me to your page. What a trip back in time.

Yes. You are right. This Poissant whi drew Prince Vollant is the same one who drew "Louis Cyr dans les pattes de McSommer"

-- Yves Poissant

john adcock said...

I'm very happy to hear from you, Yves.