Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Newton McConnell

Newton McConnell began his career on Toronto Saturday Night in 1902 and round the same time contributed cartoons to the comic journal The Moon. In 1904 he became an editorial cartoonist for the Toronto Daily News. In 1925 he was roaming the prairies and the Pacific Coast working sporadically on cartoons for the Saskatchewan Morning Leader and the Vancouver Sun. Birth and date of death are unknown.

TOP: Cartoon July 27 1925 Vancouver Sun

Cartoon: 2 Jun 1925 Vancouver Sun

Article: Noted Cartoonist is a Visitor Here May 27 1925 Morning Leader

Cartoon: 28 May 1925 Morning Leader

Cartoon: 29 May 1925 Morning Leader

Cartoon: 30 May 1925 Morning Leader

Article: Draws for Sun 20 July 1925 Vancouver Sun

Article: Canadian Cartoonists 9 Oct 1940

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